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Construction 2020 - images

Construction of final rail trail - Depot St to Old Meetinghouse - Nov-Dec 2020

The first section of the rail trail, from Depot St. to Old Meetinghouse Rd (1.1 miles) is being built by Shepherd's.

Removing the old railroad ties

Removing the old railroad ties

Railroad ties awaiting transport

Railroad ties awaiting transport

Working behind Sterilite

Working behind Sterilite

Heading off to pick up ties

Heading off to pick up ties

Surface preparation near Depot Street

The base ready for stone dust

James Gates and Chris Overton of Shepherd's discuss the design of the rail trail through the rock cut.

Video of snowplowing the rail trail

Click on the image above to watch the video
Removal of steel rails - Nov-Dec 2020

The steel is being removed by Keystone Rail Recovery of PA, and JMG Metals of Vermont.

Cutting of steel rails

Cutting a steel rail took only about 30 seconds!

Steel rails awaiting transport

Pulling a long section of steel rail

Pulling a long section of steel rail toward the staging area.

Pulling rails through the woods

Steel rails removed

Steel rails piled near Depot St

Steel rails piled near Depot St.

Thanks to Joe Shank and the team at Harbor Auto for providing us access from 119 to the rail corridor.

Keystone removing rails behind Harbor Auto.
Rail trail signs - Nov-Dec 2020

Signs letting the public know about the project and when the trail is closed for construction

Sign announcing construction and thanking our donors who made it possible

Closing the trail near Harbor Pond for rail removal